Advanced Roadmaps for Jira



In the “Advanced Roadmaps for Jira” course, you learn to predict future work and track current positions across teams in real-time. The course gives you an overview of the various functions advanced roadmaps offer. You will be taught how to create a plan and get hands-on practice adjusting scopes, teams, and releases in real life. You will learn how to explore future scenarios safely.

The course is aimed at data centers. 

Participant profile

The course is for those who are responsible for one or more projects in Jira but need tools to expand the planning and reporting functionality. The course is also for Jira administrators who would like to extend the functionality to users.


We recommend that you have a minimum of 6 months experience with Jira before participating in this course. Another option is participation in the “Introduction to Jira” course.


  • Overview of Advanced Roadmaps.
  • Creating a plan.
  • Use and visibility of dependencies across tasks and projects.
  • Change and control of releases.
  • Changing and managing teams.
  • Creating and using colors.


After this course, you will be able to:

  • Configure Jira for effective use of Advanced Roadmaps.
  • Use of the scope functionality to adjust issues and dependencies
  • Using the functionality of the release to manage release plans.
  • Use the scenario functionality to experiment
  • Creation of plans that include all initiatives and resources must be used to fulfill your company’s strategic goals.
  • Using the Teams functionality to manage the allocation of employees to development tasks.
  • Using colors to support continuous focus on the strategic initiatives.
  • Using the program functionality to create an overview across individual plans.

Course material

The course is held in Danish, but the material developed by Atlassian is in English. At the start of the course, a compendium with slides and exercises is provided. At the end of the course, the course participants receive an Atlassian-issued diploma for completion.

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