We will help you getting most value from your licenses

We can help new and existing Atlassian customers with license administration of Jira (Service Management, Software, Align), Confluence, Bitbucket, and other applications in Atlassian’s portfolio. We can assist with both Data Center and Cloud licenses.

By letting us assist you with the license administration, you obtain several benefits free of charge.

40 private and public Atlassian customers currently use this service at aety.

The advantages of partnering with us

License optimisation

You will receive the invoice of your licenses as you wish, with flexible payment terms, your preferred currency, or whatever other special requirements your organization has.

Expert advise on optimising costs

As one of the North's biggest Atlassian solution partners, we are very familiar with the products' pricing model. Our licensing specialists are aware of all future changes to the licensing models and the associated important cut-off dates for when decisions must be made.

Proactive advise

We promptly notify you of price changes while handling the license renewal process for you. You will be alerted whenever there is an opportunity to optimize your costs.

Almost all Atlassian customers use a wide range of apps for Jira and Confluence. We can assist in identifying possible optimization potential. This can both be the consolidation of apps that cover the same functional requirements or cheaper alternatives.

A local partner

As Atlassian customers, you can contact Atlassian and apps from the ecosystem directly through their help desk. With aety as a license partner, your organization gets a local partner who can answer most questions faster than Atlassian's own support. If Atlassian's assistance is needed, we have a large network to reach out to.

Single point of contact

You will get a dedicated contact person you can contact through phone, email, or our helpdesk.

Public procurement

We got experience with a wide range of tenders for states, regions, and municipalities and can negotiate licenses for SKI 02.06 categories 1 and 2

The license management process

The process is simple. You still own the licenses, but with a few simple pieces of information, you can achieve the above benefits.

If you want aety to assist you with the license administration of your Atlassian products, contact us through the form below for an introductory meeting where we can tell you more about the process.

Do you need our help?

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