Let us become your operations team!

At aety, we have learned that many organizations want to focus on something other than operating the Atlassian applications. The reasons for this can be many. It may be that the current operations team has:

  • Lack of bandwidth with keeping the organization’s Atlassian platform up to date, as other operational tasks have a higher priority.
  • Lack of skills and lack of time to improve oneself in the administration of Atlassian products
  • Wants to focus on the applications that deliver the organization’s core service

In all cases, aety has a competent operational team that can help you and your company achieve the safe and stable operation of your Atlassian products.

Types of operational models

Since the products of Atlassian are constantly evolving, it is necessary to invest time and resources in knowing the products throughout. We are application specialists in the field and keep ourselves frequently updated with new product features, potential pitfalls, security measures, troubleshooting, and more. We have a support team ready to help whether you experience performance issues, are looking for new functionalities, or have general questions of a functional or technical nature.

Below are the typical models that our customers choose:

Gift card solution after need

This cost-effective model is used by organizations that wish to use aety's operations consultants during peak loads or for a particular configuration and/or maintenance tasks. Typically, a 15, 30, or 45-hour gift card is purchased, which is automatically renewed.

Outsourcing of 2/3. level

Unlimited access to 2nd and 3rd-level consultants, combined with your operations team.

Full platform support

Complete platform support from 1st level inquiries to customization of the platform by our consultants. With our AWS partnership, we can take over the full maintenance of your Atlassian platform, so you do not have to worry about uptime and available resources in your operations team.

In addition to the standardized packages above, we also customize packages to your needs. It could, for example, be an agreement on CVE coverage, where aety commits oneself to make you aware of vulnerabilities in Atlassian products and patch them. Another example could be an annual upgrade roadmap, where we upgrade your platform 2-4 times a year at an agreed price.

To all the models above, we agree to the Service Level Agreement, which encounters your requirements based on the criticality of Atlassian’s products for continuous organizational operation.

Do you need our help with the operation of your Atlassian products?

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