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IT Service Management


As a recognized Atlassian Solution Partner, aety has supported ISS in transitioning to a more efficient IT service management system by leveraging the Atlassian platforms.

Our collaboration enabled the implementation of a unified, global system that strengthens teamwork across departments and improves service request management, resulting in significant efficiency gains and increased global visibility.

By utilizing Jira Service Management, Confluence, Jira Software, and Bitbucket, we have assisted ISS in modernizing their workflows and creating a robust infrastructure where employees and customers benefit from streamlined processes and integrated solutions.

Georg Jensen

Aety supported Georg Jensen in transitioning to a more efficient IT user inquiry handling system by implementing a Service Desk portal, serving as a single contact point for all users. By leveraging Jira Service Management (JSM) and integrating it with Azure AD, Georg Jensen achieved a streamlined case management process that offers insight into user data and facilitates approval processes.

Aety’s work with Georg Jensen has resulted in a more coordinated system that eliminates the need for email-based user support and enables effective portfolio management and collaboration between operations and development, significantly improving efficiency and user satisfaction.

Danish Public Organisation

Aety has implemented a modern ITSM solution for a Danish public organisation, utilizing Atlassian’s software suite, which includes Jira Software, Jira Service Management (JSM), and Confluence. This collaboration addressed the organisation’s challenges with outdated documentation and inefficient handling of customer inquiries by introducing a user-friendly platform that simplifies configuration and updates.

The integration between JSM and Jira Software ensures efficient management of support levels, while Confluence serves as a centralized knowledge base. Through an engaging process involving workshops and active participation, Aety has delivered a solution that meets the agency’s needs, promotes ownership, and facilitates skills development.

Project Management

Sorø Municipality

Aety assisted Sorø Municipality in implementing to promote cross-organizational project management across the municipality’s departments. was chosen for its ease of use and flexibility in accommodating employees with varying technical skills. Through a pilot project involving about 10 employees, including two expert users, the staff were trained in effective project management and task handling, minimizing manual processes and improving the overview of workflows.

The collaboration results in a clear overview of cross-organizational projects, improved accessibility of data and information, and an overall streamlining of both individual and collective work processes in Sorø Municipality.

Department of Cardiology at Herlev & Gentofte Hospital

Aety has effectively implemented at the Department of Cardiology at Herlev & Gentofte Hospital, one of the region’s largest clinical departments, to enhance cross-organizational project and task management.

During the project’s pilot phase, administrative staff and management primarily expanded usage to more employees over time. Aety’s role included advice and guidance in optimizing for specific work processes, particularly related to the health platform used in patient management and medication administration.

Through the collaboration with aety, the Department of Cardiology achieved more efficient project management, better task oversight, and improved communication within the department.

App integration


TimeLog had observed that their customers were double-entering time by inputting information into both TimeLog and Jira. We developed an integration app that effectively connects TimeLog with Jira to eliminate this issue and streamline work processes.

This integration allows users to log time directly in Jira, whereby data automatically synchronizes to TimeLog. The solution removes the need for double entry and ensures accuracy in data collection. The integration was created in close collaboration with TimeLog’s product manager and one of our experienced consultants, who navigated the development process together to achieve a solution that precisely meets TimeLog’s needs.

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