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In this course, you will be taught the administrative areas of Jira, where you will, among other things, learn how users in Jira request process optimization configuration. The teaching focuses on maintaining good administrative management of a Jira instance, so it is not forgotten, but also to support users’ needs.  

This course addresses cloud.

Participant profile

You must take this course to further develop your Jira knowledge or take on the administrator role. The course introduces how the company’s needs are effectively supported for the administration module in Jira. The participants of the course are often employees in development departments (project managers, developers etc.). The course is also relevant for level 2 operators.


We recommend that participants in the course have worked with Jira for 1-2 years. If you cannot counter this, we recommend half a year’s experience as a Jira administrator or having completed the “Introduction to Jira” course.


  • Introduction to Cloud administration.
  • Control of access to products.
  • User and group management.
  • Configure “global permissions”.
  • Project creation and configuration.
  • Creation and configuration of Company-Managed Projects.
  • Configuration of Company-Managed rights and project roles.
  • Creation and configuration of Team-Managed Projects.
  • Fields and screens.
  • Project permissions and roles.
  • Sharing project configurations.
  • Introduction to schedules.
  • Mapping business needs in JIRA.
  • Configuration of issue types, fields, screens, and associated forms.
  • Customized workflows with conditions, validators, and post functions.
  • Configure rights for boards and sprints.
  • Apply configurations to both new and existing projects.


  • Overview of configuring access to products and site settings.
  • Full understanding of how schemas and other artifacts in Jira are interconnected.
  • How Jira is configured to support specific business needs.
  • Understanding of user management in Jira.
  • How workflow is configured.
  • Best practices and pitfalls.

Course material

The course is in Danish, and the material is in English. Atlassian develops our material. At the beginning of the course, you will receive a compendium with various slides and exercises. At the end of the course, the course participants receive an Atlassian-issued diploma.

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