Atlassian believes that all teams have the potential to perform fantastic results when they collaborate openly.

Often times in companies, knowledge and information are unavailable and can quickly be lost when it goes from team to team and between systems. Without a proper database accessible for employees, knowledge is wasted.

Atlassian offer a variety of application, such as Confluence and Jira that gives teams the possibility to optimise their collaboration and knowledge sharing. All of Atlassian’s products are integrable and is supported by an extensive marketplace.

With, your team can plan, execute, and control all types of work tasks in one unified platform. You get to build your own boards through the use of various building blocks to match you and your team’s workflows.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s largest provider of cloud services, offering scalable infrastructure components. With AWS, you avoid costly investments in physical hardware, and you have the possibility to ongoingly adapt it to your needs.


Miro is a market-leading cloud-based whiteboard platform that gathers teams. Miro is fully integrated with Atlassian and a lot of other enterprise applications.


Sonatype is the leading supplier of DevOps tools to automate modern software supply chains. The company is also behind Apache Maven, the Central Repository, and Nexus Repository.

Sonatype is, therefore, a pioneer in the field of component-divided software development and has a long tradition of open source innovation. Today, more than 120.000 organisations depend on Sonatype’s Nexus-platform to control the amount, variations, and quality of the open-source components that are going into the modern software applications.

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