Amazon Web Services

We are Amazon Select Partner and we invest in competence development and certifications of our employees.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers services in almost everything and the challenge is, therefore, to know which services are relevant for you to solve your specific problem. Cloud is a good choice for many companies and as an AWS Public Sector Partner, we have significant insights into and experience with public companies’ challenges with their cloud strategies, e.g. in connection to GDPR requirements and the handling of data.

What can we do for you?


We can help you move your services to the cloud based on AWS best practices framework and tooling. We offer analysis of your existing solution, recommendations on how the migration should occur, and if parts of the solution should be reconsidered for maximum migration value. Once analysis and solution design are prepared, we can perform the following execution of the project.


Many organizations host their own Jira or Confluence which over time becomes critical to the business. We offer a one-stop shop for support and hosting of your Atlassian platform based on AWS and Atlassian’s own best practice set-up. Combined with our specialist who are experienced in both Atlassian and AWS, we guarantee that you will get a good service at a highly professional level.

Well-Architected Review

Are your services secure? Do you get value for your money? Have you achieved satisfying performance? These questions, and many others can be uncovered in a Well-Architected Review. We offer workshops with a walkthrough of singular workloads and the entire cloud landscape. The result is an overview of strengths and notes of improvement allowing you to plan the following cloud efforts.

Manage AWS with Jira Service Management

Do you need control and overview? Do you use Jira Service Management or are you considering changing? You will get a modern ITSM platform with built-in CMDB and the possibility to control your AWS environments. We can create an AWS service catalog to secure the self-service opportunities for the employees while allowing you to keep the overview and control of expenses.

Consultancy, development, and implementation services

Aety offers consultancy, development, and implementation services for AWS. Your cloud project has the best chance of delivering value if success criteria have been formulated early on in the process and a plan is developed to archive success. Aety can be your experienced partner because we offer you a delivery manager who secures communication and expectation alignment. We also dedicate the right AWS-certified consultants with knowledge of architecture, development, and operations.

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