One Platform. Endless opportunities.

Manage simple or complex projects, and everything in between

Manage everything in one workspace

It has never been easier to plan, track or deliver your teams' tasks.

Set-up and onboard your team fast and easy

Get started quickly with hundreds of visually and specially designed templates - or create your own.

Streamline all communication

Keep all comments in one project so you don't have to search for updates on several platforms. That way, you can spend more time supporting your team.

Build high-level boards

Create your team's ideal high-level dashboard in a code-free platform to create an overview of all your work and results.

Create a unified workspace by integrating with 40+ other systems you already use

Our services

As a certified partner, aety offers a wide range of product training, consulting and implementation services adapted to your business goals.

Licenses, product consulting and implementation

We will work with you to map out all your internal processes and workflows to ensure you get exactly what you need and structure your account accordingly. With practical implementation, we will continuously create tailored solutions to meet your changing needs.

Onboarding and training

We facilitate onboarding and training sessions for teams to ensure seamless adoption and value gain from day one. We will demonstrate how each team can customize workflows and boards to meet and exceed their unique business goals.

Custom development and apps

With deep insight into and your business needs, we develop custom monday apps, including views, automations, widgets and integrations with other tools in your organization.

Hear more about how you can integrate into your organization by contacting our monday team

    Reach out to our Business Manager:

    Helena Sadeghi Nielsen Tlf: +45 31 22 33 00 Mail: Or our Account Executive Kirstine Danielsen Tlf: +45 24 82 71 15 Mail:

    You can also try the platform on your own for 14 days – completely free and without obligation.

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