Aety delivers a variety of solutions that help our customers support collaboration amongst teams and departments and automate manual workflows. We also help our customers to deliver the best services to the customers of their own. Overall, our solutions revolve around the following 4 areas:

Agile & DevOps

We help organizations with one unified solution, covering the process from features to functioning software in production. The solution includes implementing a single platform for documentation, a task management system that follows either the agile methodology or traditional principles, test management, building pipelines, provisioning of infrastructure, and much more. These types of solutions are often implemented as part of an organization’s agile transformation in which the goal is to break down silos, create cross-functional teams and automate as many manual work tasks as possible.


We help organizations implement a service-oriented culture. It is accomplished by implementing an IT Service Management system that supports the most common ITIL concepts such as Incident-, Problem-, Change-, and Service Request Management incl. CMDB. Due to changes in trends, we have expanded this solution to include more general service management to be able to cater to other departments than IT functions only. According to Forrester, this concept is called Enterprise Service Management. We use our experience with service management to support business functions such as Law, HR, Marketing and Finance.


If your organization consists of multiple teams, usually you will need the possibility to create a high-level overview of all projects or Epics. This will ensure that your development teams work together towards your end goal. We can deliver a single solution to support your needs for project management, no matter if you have implemented a classic project- or portfolio model or if you have transferred into an agile framework such as SaFe.

Work Management & Digital Workspace

During the last couple of years, what happened in the world showed organizations the importance of implementing effective collaboration tools for their employees to use. Collaboration tools become especially important when you operate with a hybrid workforce in which people are working from home and in the office spaces. For many years, effective task management has been a part of the digital workspace in IT functions, and we would like to help the rest of the organization with the same set of effective tools. We help organizations transfer away from Excel and Outlook into more transparent and available tools. This transition results in employees feeling more effective and can focus on solving critical tasks rather than spending time on status meetings.

If you need solutions for other types of collaboration than those mentioned above, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We have experience with supporting many other collaboration tools such as Atlassian,, AWS and Miro.

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