Service Management

Service Management

Service Management is the cornerstone of all types of customer service. Everyone knows what it feels like to receive services, and they can immediately decide if it was a great, mediocre, or terrible service. Service Management is a customer-first approach to delivering services, which refers to the types of activities that an organization performs to build, deliver, operate and control services to their customers. A customer can be both external and internal departments. Moreover,  the services can be physical, such as handing out a laptop, or service-oriented, such as onboarding a new employee. At aety, we work with two leading Service Management solutions; Enterprise Service Management and IT Service Management.

IT Service Management (ITSM)

IT Service Management deals with processes and systems that organizations use to optimize their IT. IT Service Management is often abbreviated and referred to as ITSM. ITSM is about how the organization develops, delivers and/or maintains IT. IT in this regard includes both hardware and software. Aety provides ITSM solutions to a number of private and public organizations. An ITSM solution may contain one or more of the following concepts and may be implemented against the organization’s internal employees and/or external customers. The solutions we deliver can be implemented in one overall platform, or in modules where you start with e.g. the incident or service request process, or the implementation of a robust CMDB.
Some of the core concepts within IT Service Management are:

Service Request Management

Gentagne henvendelser f.eks. adgang til applikationer, software og hardware opdateringer.

Knowledge Management

Brug af en vidensbank til at dele og vedligeholde viden.

IT Asset Management

Implementeringen af en robust CMDB til at sikre, at en organisations aktiver er talte, vedligeholdt, opgraderet, mv. Generelt skal der sikres overblik over aktivers status og tilknytning.

Incident Management

Håndtering af ikke-planlagte begivenheder, f.eks. nedbrud, hacker-angreb, mv.

Problem management

Identifikationen af årsager til incidents og implementering af tiltag for at undgå incidents i fremtiden

Change Management

Sikring af procedurer for effektivt at gennemføre ændringer i software, hardware og IT-infrastruktur. Skab gennemsigtighed om, hvornår disse udføres samt sikre de nødvendige godkendelser.

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Enterprise Service Management (ESM)

Enterprise Service Management is about optimizing the delivery of internal services from the support departments to the rest of the organization, such as HR, Legal, Marketing and Finance. This type of service is provided in many organizations without the use of effective tools, but instead with shared inboxes and Excel spreadsheets. With an Enterprise Service Management solution, this process is put into a system, in a dedicated portal, a predefined service catalogue and effective workflow support. Enterprise Service Management originates from IT Service Management and utilizes a wide range of the same principles. Aety offer Enterprise Service Management solutions in which a service desk for a wide range of functions can be established in a short time, for example:
Effective Enterprise Service Management solutions must offer the following overall functionalities:

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Aety & Service Management

In order to put together the right solution for you, our consultants base their offer on our extensive library of templates that have been prepared on the basis of other implementations. Our Service Management solution is primarily based on Atlassian’s products, in particular Jira Service Management.

Jira Service Management

Here at aety, we help our customers with their ESM/ITSM solutions through our Atlassian partnership with Jira Service Management (JSM). Jira Service Management supports all processes and core concepts within IT and Enterprise Service Management.

What do Gartner and Forrester have to say?

Jira Service Management is placed by Gartner under the Visionary category and by Forrester as Leader (source: Atlassian – a Visionary in the Magic Quadrant for ITSM & Atlassian – a Leader in Enterprise Service Management). The ranking is based on the innovative and agile approach to Service Management, as well as the comprehensive ecosystem. JSM is furthermore the fastest growing Service Management solution among all evaluated candidates.

The Solution

JSM enables collaboration between everyone in the organization. With Jira Service Management, you get an intuitive and easily accessible portal for your organization’s customers, whether internal or external. Customers can easily request services in defined service catalogues with direct integration to Atlassian’s own knowledge base, Confluence. Jira Service Management contains templates and predefined workflow support for Service Requests, Incidents, Changes, etc., which you can use as a starting point for your workflows, or you can design your own. The solution includes support for your systems to automatically submit alarms that initiate automatic incident flows, whereafter relevant employees are notified.
Jira Service Management can be hosted through the Datacenter, and your organization chooses whether it should be on physical servers in the basement, or with your preferred cloud provider. Alternatively, you can choose to let Atlassian provide hosting in their own public cloud, designed on AWS. Jira Service Management includes Insight, which is an integrated Configuration Management Database that integrates Asset Management directly into Jira Service Management. Reporting is also included as a standard part of the solution.

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