Service optimization with aety: Advanced IT Service Management

At Aety, we are experts in providing IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions that optimize your IT resources effectively. Our approach focuses on how you can develop, deliver, and maintain your IT to ensure optimal operation and service quality.

We offer ITSM solutions built on either Freshworks or Jira Service Management for the private and public sectors. Our solutions are designed to be flexible and can be adapted to your unique requirements. We can implement ITSM as a single platform or in modules, allowing you to integrate the solutions that best match your needs gradually.

With an ITSM solution, you can expect a significant improvement in both your internal efficiency and the level of service to your external customers. We aim to ensure that your organization utilizes IT most efficiently to support current and future business needs.

Do you need an IT Service Management solution?

Our solution supports all core concepts within IT Service Management, for example:

Service Request Management

Repeated inquiries, e.g. access to applications, software and hardware updates.

Knowledge Management

Using a knowledge bank to share and maintain knowledge.

IT Asset Management

The implementation of a robust CMDB to ensure that an organization's assets are counted, maintained, upgraded, etc. In general, an overview of the status and affiliation of assets must be provided.

Incident Management

Dealing with unplanned events, e.g. crashes, hacker attacks, etc.

Problem Management

The identification of causes of incidents and the implementation of measures to avoid incidents in the future

Change Management

Securing procedures to effectively implement software, hardware, and IT infrastructure changes. Create transparency about when these are carried out and ensure the necessary approvals.

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