Support for multiple teams

To ensure optimal flexibility and efficiency in an organization, it is crucial to have an overview of all activities across teams. This applies to traditional portfolio and project-driven organizations and to organizations that have implemented an agile delivery model.

Aety is a consulting company specializing in providing solutions that can support traditional PPM setups, scaled agile setups, and hybrid portfolio solutions. These solutions can help organizations create a more holistic view of their activities and projects, regardless of the delivery model they use.

We recommend that organizations take a strategic approach to choosing the right solution for their needs. It is important to understand what goals the organization wants to achieve and how the chosen solution can help achieve them. In addition, it is essential to have a clear and effective communication plan to ensure that all relevant stakeholders are updated on the activities and progress of the projects.

Our consultants specialize in helping implement and optimize the chosen solution. This can ensure a smooth and successful transition and provide the opportunity to get expert advice and support throughout the process.

Scaled Agile solutions

Implementing scaled agile solutions can result in several benefits for organizations, such as delivering higher quality products and services in less time, thus creating a competitive advantage. This has led to an increase in organizations implementing agile or scaled agile frameworks, including SAFe®. Consequently, there has been an increased need for systems and tools supporting collaborative product development and collaboration across larger agile programs.

Implementing scaled agile solutions also entails other benefits such as better resource management and prioritization of projects, faster and more efficient deliveries, better quality and fewer errors, and a greater ability to adapt to the market and customer needs. These solutions can help organizations increase collaboration, productivity, and quality and strengthen their competitive position.
Therefore, we recommend that organizations consider implementing the scaled agile solutions that best suit the organization’s business needs and ambitions.

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Traditional PPM

Traditional PPM is an established method of project management that is still used by many organizations today. The method focuses on planning, organizing, and coordinating resources and activities to achieve a specific goal or deliver a specific product or service. The advantages of traditional PPM include a structured approach to project management, clearly defined tasks and responsibilities, and a high degree of predictability and stability. It can be beneficial for organizations where there is a need to maintain control over the project and its resources, significantly if the project may affect other parts of the organization.

Our consultancy offers tailored solutions that support traditional PPM and help organizations achieve success in their projects. We adapt our solutions and tools to your unique situation through close dialogue and collaborative work. This increases flexibility and adaptability, leading to more efficient project management and better results.

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Hybrid solutions

Hybrid solutions are an approach where organizations combine different methods or frameworks to achieve better results. Several organizations choose to implement a hybrid solution model, using both traditional PPM frameworks and scaled agile solutions across the organization. This may mean that some departments or divisions follow a traditional PPM framework while others use an agile-scaled framework, which can be an effective way to meet different needs in the organization.
Another option is to use a traditional PPM framework, which implements the implementation phase using agile process models, such as Scrum or Kanban.
The hybrid approach can effectively meet different needs in the organization and ensure that both traditional and agile methods can be integrated and used together.

At Aety, we design solutions that can meet the needs of organizations that use hybrid solutions and adapt to the different methods or frameworks used in project management. Aety helps organizations optimize their project management and maximize their results by supporting hybrid models.

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