Scaled agile framework - SAFe®

Many organizations have carried out agile transformations where concrete process models, such as Scrum, Kanban, and eXtreme Programming, have been implemented.
In larger organizations with several agile teams, a framework is also implemented to handle the management across agile teams against set initiatives. There are a large number of these frameworks, including Spotify and LeSS. In Denmark, however, it is SAFe® that won the day.

SAFe® is a framework that organizations can use to coordinate and manage initiatives across teams. By using lean and agile methods like SAFe®, organizations can achieve a higher level of strategic alignment that makes it possible to make the right decisions.

Aety has several solutions to support your organization’s agile transformation. Our solutions can be implemented according to several ready-made templates or adapted to your specific implementation of a scaled agile framework.

At aety, we have extensive experience with tool support for scaled agile processes. Two of the tools for which we experience the most significant demand are BigPicture and Jira Align, both of which support the methods and metrics recommended by SAFe®, including e.g. Roadmap, Backlog, Program Board, Risk Management, Value Stream Mapping, PI Planning, and PI Objectives.

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