Ultimate Request

Adds additional fields, selection and multiple column sort to the requests list.

The plugin adds new functionality to the Requests page, including additional fields (also for request details page), search, sorting and csv export.


  • Add additional fields (like created, updated, priority, and many more) to the Requests list in Service Desk (portals area).

  • Customize the visibility of fields/search-filters by groups, users and organizations.

  • Control the scope of fields by selecting a sub set of portals.

  • Sort standard and additional fields (by clicking header)​.

  • Add additional fields for searching (like reporter, labels, priority and custom selects)​.

  • Enable CSV export of current and all requests.

  • Let users decide which of the additional fields to show.

  • Add additional fields to the request detail page as well. This is per portal.

This plugin is a light version of Ultimate Theming. Please check that out if you look for more customisation possibilities.

Find Ultimate Requests via the link